Data Object - HostUnresolvedVmfsVolume(

Returned by
QueryUnresolvedVmfsVolume, QueryUnresolvedVmfsVolumes
See also
HostUnresolvedVmfsExtent, HostUnresolvedVmfsVolumeResolveStatus
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

Information about detected unbound, unresolved VMFS volume. An unresolved VMFS volume is reported when one or more device partitions of volume are detected to have copies of extents of the volume. Such copies can be created via replication or snapshots.

UnresolvedVmfsVolume are not mounted on the host where they are detected. User may choose to resignature the volume in which case a new Uuid is assigned to the volume and contents of the VMFS volume is kept intact.

User may choose to keep the original Uuid and mount the VMFS volume as it is on the given host. In this case, user has choosen to mount the copy of the VMFS volume on that host with no change to the original Uuid. This may fail with VmfsVolumeAlreadyMounted exception if there is an existing VMFS volume with the same Uuid mounted somewhere in the same datacenter.

Simple diagram representing the possible operations on UnresolvedVmfsVolume

                resignature                 forceMount
  VmfsVolume <---------------  Unresolved ------------>  VmfsVolume with
 forceMountedInfo              Vmfs Volume              forceMountedInfo
  not set                                                  will be set


See HostStorageSystem


Name Type Description

List of detected copies of VMFS extents.

Information related to how the volume might be resolved.

Total number of blocks in this volume.

The detected VMFS label name

The detected VMFS UUID
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