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HostPlugStoreTopologyAdapter, HostPlugStoreTopologyDevice, HostPlugStoreTopologyPath, HostPlugStoreTopologyPlugin, HostPlugStoreTopologyTarget
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

This data object represents the plug-store topology on a host system. Through this data object, the storage structure of a system that utilizes the plug-store architecture can be presented.

The object entity-relationship diagram is modeled below:

               0..N             0..N      0..N
     Plugin ----->  Device  ------>  Path  <------  Adapter
                            <------   |    ------>
                            0,1       |          1
                                      | 0,1

Description and reasoning behind the relationships:

When a storage device driver is loaded, it claims a PCI device as a host bus adapter. This host bus adapter is represented as an Adapter. The PCI device identifier is a property on the HostBusAdapter in the Adapter.

Once the host bus adapter is on the system, the hardware bus is scanned. If a storage Device is found on the bus, the communication path to the Device from the the host bus adapter is represented by a Path. A Device may have more than one Path. How those Paths are composed to create a Device is determined by a storage Plugin.

When a storage Plugin is loaded, it claims a set of Paths. It groups these Paths into a set of Devices. Devices are hence associated with a set of Paths that might be used to provide a single logical device such as in the case of multipathing. Devices may be also composed of zero Paths meaning that they do not directly use a host bus adapter for communication with underlying storage.

The purpose of this data object is to represent the topology of storage as seen by the base plug-store system. There is some overlap with information in other objects such as ScsiTopology which is only applicable when a particular "native multipathing" plugin is used. This data object provides the complete inventory of Devices and Paths. Hence it provides a superset of Device mappings over data object such as ScsiTopology and Multipa

The use cases that this data object accommodates includes the following non-exhaustive list:


Name Type Description

List of host bus adapters in the plug store inventory.

List of devices in the plug store inventory.

List of paths in the plug store inventory.

List of plugins in the plug store inventory.

Partial list of targets as seen by the host. The list of targets may not be exhaustive on the host.
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