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This data object type describes network adapter ordering policy for a network adapter team. A physical network adapter can be in the active list, the standby list, or neither. It cannot be in both lists. For a virtual switch, the NicOrderPolicy property is never null when retrieved from the server. When creating a new virtual switch or updating an existing virtual switch, the NicOrderPolicy can be null, in which case the default NicOrderPolicy from the server will be used. For a portgroup, a null NicOrderPolicy property means the portgroup inherits the policy from its parent. Otherwise, the NicOrderPolicy property defined in the portgroup takes precedence. In all cases where the NicOrderPolicy property is set, an empty activeNic array means there are no active Ethernet adapters in the team. An empty standbyNic array means there are no standby Ethernet adapters.


Name Type Description

List of active network adapters used for load balancing.

Standby network adapters used for failover.
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