Data Object - HostNetOffloadCapabilities(

Property of
HostConfigInfo, HostNetworkPolicy, HostNetworkSystem

Data Object Description

Deprecated. As of VI API 4.0, the system defaults will be used.

Offload capabilities are used to optimize virtual machine network performance. When a virtual machine is transmitting on a network, some operations can be offloaded either to the host or to physical hardware. This data object type defines the set of offload capabilities that may be available on a host.

This data object type is used both to publish the list of offload capabilities and to contain offload capability policy settings. The network policy logic is built on a two-level inheritance scheme which requires that all settings be optional. As a result, all properties on the NetOffloadCapabilities object must be optional.
See HostNetworkPolicy


Name Type Description

(Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not checksum offloading is supported.

(Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not TCP segmentation offloading (TSO) is supported.

(Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not zero copy transmits are supported.
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