Fault - CannotModifyConfigCpuRequirements(vim.fault.CannotModifyConfigCpuRequirements)


Fault Description

A virtual machine's total CPU feature requirements are determined by overlaying the requirements specified in its configuration (if any) on top of the requirements specified in the descriptor for its guest OS. It is therefore possible for a host change to implicitly change a virtual machine's CPU feature requirements. The guest OS descriptor may have different requirements on the new host. Or, if the virtual machine currently specifies requirements in its configuration, those requirements will be lost if the new host does not support this.

This fault indicates that the virtual machine's CPU feature requirements would change because of a migration, and also that the destination host does not support storing CPU feature requirements in the virtual machine's configuration. (If the destination host does support such an action, WillModifyConfigCpuRequirements is used instead of this fault.)

For a powered-off virtual machine, this is a warning. The migration may proceed, but the virtual machine will be operating under different CPU feature requirements if it is powered on after the migration.

For a powered-on or suspended virtual machine, this is an error.


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