Enum - DVPortStatusVmDirectPathGen2InactiveReasonOther(vim.dvs.DistributedVirtualPort.RuntimeInfo.VmDirectPathGen2InactiveReasonOther)

vSphere API 4.1

Enum Description

Set of possible values for DVPortStatus.vmDirectPathGen2InactiveReasonOther.

Enum Constants

portNptIncompatibleConnectee Configuration or state of the port's connectee prevents VMDirectPath Gen 2. See vmDirectPathGen2InactiveReasonVm and/or vmDirectPathGen2InactiveReasonExtended in the appropriate element of the RuntimeInfo.device array of the virtual machine connected to this port.
portNptIncompatibleHost The host for which this port is defined does not support VMDirectPath Gen 2. See HostCapability.vmDirectPathGen2Supported

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