Data Object - ClusterDrsVmConfigSpec(vim.cluster.DrsVmConfigSpec)

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ClusterConfigSpec, ClusterConfigSpecEx
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Data Object Description

Updates the per-virtual-machine DRS configuration.

To update the DRS configuration of a virtual machine, a copy of this object is included in the ClusterConfigSpecEx object passed to the method ReconfigureComputeResource_Task.

If reconfigureEx is used to incrementally update the cluster configuration (i.e., the parameter modify is true), then three operations are provided for updating the DRS configuration for a virtual machine. These operations are listed below (see ArrayUpdateSpec for more information on these operations).

If, instead, this method is used to overwrite the cluster configuration (i.e., the parameter modify is false) thereby creating a new configuration, only the add operation is allowed. In this case, add creates a DRS configuration for a virtual machine in the new cluster configuration.


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