Data Object - EventAlarmExpression(vim.alarm.EventAlarmExpression)

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EventAlarmExpressionComparison, ManagedEntityStatus
VI API 2.5

Data Object Description

An alarm expression that uses the event stream to trigger the alarm.

This alarm is triggered when an event matching this expression gets logged.


Name Type Description

The attributes/values to compare.

Since vSphere API 4.0
eventTypexsd:stringDeprecated. use eventTypeId instead.

The type of the event to trigger the alarm on.

The eventTypeId of the event to match.

The semantics of how eventTypeId matching is done is as follows:

  • If the event being matched is of type EventEx or ExtendedEvent, then we match this value against the eventTypeId (for EventEx) or eventId (for ExtendedEvent) member of the Event.
  • Otherwise, we match it against the type of the Event itself.

Either eventType or eventTypeId must be set.


Name of the type of managed object on which the event is logged.

An event alarm defined on a ManagedEntity is propagated to child entities in the VirtualCenter inventory depending on the value of this attribute. If objectType is any of the following, the alarm is propagated down to all children of that type:

If objectType is unspecified or not contained in the above list, the event alarm is not propagated down to child entities in the VirtualCenter inventory.

It is possible to specify an event alarm containing two (or more) different EventAlarmExpression's which contain different objectTypes. In such a case, the event is propagated to all child entities with specified type(s).

Since vSphere API 4.0

The alarm's new state when this condition is evaluated and satisfied. If not specified then there is no change to alarm status, and all actions are fired (rather than those for the transition).

Since vSphere API 4.0
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