Enum - ActionParameter(vim.action.Action.ActionParameter)

Enum Description

These constant strings can be used as parameters in user-specified email subject and body templates as well as in scripts. The action processor in VirtualCenter substitutes the run-time values for the parameters. For example, an email subject provided by the client could be the string: "Alarm - {alarmName} Description:\n{eventDescription}". Or a script action provided could be: "myScript {alarmName}"

Enum Constants

alarm The object of the triggering alarm.
alarmName The name of the triggering alarm.
declaringSummary A summary of declarations made during the triggering of the alarm.
eventDescription The event description.
newStatus The status after the alarm is triggered.
oldStatus The status prior to the alarm being triggered.
target The object of the entity where the alarm is assocaited.
targetName The name of the entity where the alarm is triggered.
triggeringSummary A summary of information involved in triggering the alarm.

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