Enum - VirtualMachinePowerState(vim.VirtualMachine.PowerState)

Property of
InvalidPowerState, VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo, VirtualMachineSnapshotTree
Parameter to
CheckMigrate_Task, MigrateVM_Task, ValidateMigration

Enum Description

The PowerState type defines a simple set of states for a virtual machine: poweredOn, poweredOff, and suspended. This type does not model substates, such as when a task is running to change the virtual machine state. If the virtual machine is in a state with a task in progress, it transitions to a new state when the task completes. For example, a virtual machine continues to be in the poweredOn state while a suspend task is running, and changes to the suspended state once the task finishes.

As a consequence of this approach, clients interested in monitoring the status of a virtual machine should typically track the activeTask data object in addition to the powerState object.

Enum Constants

poweredOff The virtual machine is currently powered off.
poweredOn The virtual machine is currently powered on.
suspended The virtual machine is currently suspended.

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