Enum - PerfStatsType(vim.PerformanceManager.CounterInfo.StatsType)

Property of

Enum Description

Indicates the type of statistical measurement that a counter’s value represents. Valid types are “absolute”, “delta”, or “rate”.

Enum Constants

absolute Represents an actual value, level, or state of the counter. For example, the “uptime” counter (system group) represents the actual number of seconds since startup. The “capacity” counter represents the actual configured size of the specified datastore. In other words, number of samples, samplingPeriod, and intervals have no bearing on an “absolute” counter“s value.
delta Represents an amount of change for the counter during the samplingPeriod as compared to the previous interval. The first sampling interval
rate Represents a value that has been normalized over the samplingPeriod, enabling values for the same counter type to be compared, regardless of interval. For example, the number of reads per second.

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