Enum - VirtualMachineUsbInfoFamily(vim.vm.UsbInfo.Family)

VI API 2.5

Enum Description

Device class family.

Enum Constants

audio Audio capable device.
bluetooth Standard bluetooth adapter that uses HCI protocol, this is a subset of wireless controllers.
communication Communication device.
hid Human interface device.
hid_bootable Bootable human interface device, this is a subset of HID devices.
hub USB hubs.
imaging Still imaging device.
other Other miscellaneous device.
pda Palm PDA, and Micorsoft ActiveSync PDA.
physical Physical interface device.
printer Printer device.
security Content security device.
smart_card Smart card device.
storage Mass storage device.
unknownFamily There was an error in determining this device's classes accurately.
vendor_specific Device that has an interface using a vendor-specific protocol.
video Video device.
wireless Wireless controller.
wusb Wireless device related to the Wireless USB standard, this is a subset of wireless controllers,

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