Enum - HostNasVolumeSecurityType(vim.host.NasVolume.SecurityType)

vSphere API 6.0

Enum Description

Security type supported

Enum Constants

AUTH_SYS Authentication based on traditional UNIX identifiers (UID and GID). Server trusts the IDs sent by the client for each request and uses them to perform access control. Current implementation only supports AUTH_SYS with root user.
SEC_KRB5 Ensures RPC header authentication using Kerberos session keys. When this option is enabled, the client uses the information specified in UserInfo to establish shared keys with the server using Kerberos. These shared keys are used to generate and verify message authentication codes for RPC header of NFS requests and responses, respectively. This method does not secure NFS file data.
SEC_KRB5I Extends SEC_KRB5 to generate and verify message authentication codes for the payload of NFS requests and responses respectively. This ensures the integrity of the NFS file data.

Since vSphere API 6.5

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