Data Object - VasaProviderInfo(sms.provider.VasaProviderInfo)

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LocalizedMethodFault, RelatedStorageArray, SupportedVendorModelMapping

Data Object Description

Information about VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) providers.


Name Type Description

Indicates if this provider is independent of arrays. Default value for this flag is false, which means this provider supports arrays. Arrays will be queried for this provider during sync. If this flag is set to true, arrays will not be synced for this provider and array related API will not be invoked on this provider.

Since SMS API 6.5

Provider certificate

Provider certificate expiry date.

Since SMS API 5.0

Provider certificate status This field holds values from sms.Provider.VasaProviderInfo#CertificateStatus

Since SMS API 5.0

Unique identifier of a VASA HA group. Providers should report this identifier to utilize HA feature supported by vSphere. Different providers reporting the same failoverGroupId will be treated as an HA group. Failover/failback will be done within one group.

Since SMS API 6.5

Time stamp to indicate when last sync operation was completed successfully.

Maximum number of elements in batch APIs that the VASA Provider can support. This value is common to all batch APIs supported by the provider. However, for each specific API, the provider may still throw or return TooMany fault in which a different value of maxBatchSize can be specified. If the value is not specified (zero) or invalid (negative), client will assume there's no common limit for the number of elements that can be handled in all batch APIs.

Since SMS API 6.5

Namespace to categorize storage capabilities provided by arrays managed by the provider

Indicates the type of deployment supported by the provider. If true, it is an active/passive deployment and the provider needs to be activated explicitly using activateProviderEx() VASA API. If false, it is an active/active deployment and provider does not need any explicit activation to respond to VASA calls.

Since SMS API 5.0

Priority level of the provider within a VASA HA group. For a stand-alone provider which does not participate in VASA HA, this field will be ignored.

The priority value is an integer with valid range from 0 to 255.

Since SMS API 6.5

Provider identifier reported by the provider which is unique within the provider namespace.

Since SMS API 4.0

List containing mapping between storage arrays reported by the provider and information such as whether the provider is considered active for them.

Since SMS API 4.0

Indicate whether the provider wants to retain its certificate after bootstrapping. If true, SMS will not provision a VMCA signed certificate for the provider and all certificate life cycle management workflows are disabled for this provider certificate. If false, SMS will provision a VMCA signed certificate for the provider and all certificate life cycle management workflows are enabled for this provider certificate.

Since SMS API 5.0

Service location for the VASA endpoint that SMS is using to communicate with the provider.

Since SMS API 5.0

The operational state of VASA Provider.

A fault that describes the cause of the current operational status.

Since SMS API 6.5
supportedProfile*xsd:string[]Deprecated. As of SMS API 3.0, use supportedProfile

List of supported profiles

List of supported profiles at provider level. Must be one of the string values from * sms.provider.VasaProviderInfo#ProviderProfile.

Since SMS API 4.0

List containing mapping between the supported vendorID and corresponding modelID

Type of this VASA provider. This field will be equal to one of the values of sms.provider.VasaProviderInfo#Type.

Since SMS API 6.5

Provider URL

Supported VASA(vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) version
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