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Checks whether hosts are compliant with rules.


Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance [-DeployRuleSet <DeployRuleSet>] [-VMHost] <VMHost[]> [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

Checks whether the specified hosts are compliant with a specified rule set. If not rule set is specified, the currently active rule set is used.

For example, if a rule specifies a particular host profile should be attached to a host, and a different host profile is actually attached to that host, the host is out of compliance.

The output of this cmdlet is a TestResult object that contains the VMHost object and a list containing the current item associated with the host and the expected item, according to the rules. If the list of items is empty, the host is in compliance with the rule set.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
VMHost VMHost Host to check for compliance. true true (ByValue)
DeployRuleSet DeployRuleSet Rule set to use for checking compliance. The active rule set is used by default. false false

Return Type




-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS> Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance h1

Check the compliance of ESXi host "h1" against the active rule set.

-------------- Example 2 --------------

C:\PS> Get-VMHost h1 | Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance

Check the compliance of ESXi host "h1" against the active rule set.

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