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This cmdlet performs a test failover of a target replication group.


Start-SpbmReplicationTestFailover [-ReplicationGroup] <SpbmReplicationGroup[]> [-CheckOnly] [-PointInTimeReplica <SpbmPointInTimeReplica[]>] [-RunAsync] [-Server <VIServer>] [-SourceVvolIdMap <Hashtable>] [-Unplanned] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

This cmdlet performs a test failover of a target replication group. If the operation succeeds, the replication state of the replication group becomes InTest.


NameTypeDescriptionRequired?Pipeline InputDefault Value
ReplicationGroupSpbmReplicationGroup[]Specifies the replication group on which you want to perform the test failover.trueTrue (ByValue)
CheckOnlySwitchParameterDoes not perform the test failover, but checks if the configuration is correct to perform the test failover.falseFalse
ConfirmSwitchParameterIf the value is $true, indicates that the cmdlet asks for confirmation before running. If the value is $false, the cmdlet runs without asking for user confirmation.falseFalse
PointInTimeReplicaSpbmPointInTimeReplica[]Specifies the point in time replica object you want to use for the corresponding replication group test failover. If no replica is specified for a replication group, the latest available replica is used by default by the VASA provider. If more than one replica is specified for a replication group, a non-terminating error is generated for that replication group.falseFalse
RunAsyncSwitchParameterIndicates that the command returns immediately without waiting for the task to complete. In this mode, the output of the cmdlet is a Task object. For more information about the RunAsync parameter, run "help About_RunAsync" in the VMware PowerCLI console.falseFalse
ServerVIServerSpecifies the vCenter Server systems on which you want to run the cmdlet. If no value is given to this parameter, the command runs on the default servers. For more information about default servers, see the description of the Connect-VIServer cmdlet.falseFalse
SourceVvolIdMapHashtableThis parameter is no longer required and will be removed in a future release. This will contain a map of sourceVvolId (of the devices) to containerId (of the VVol datastore) for all the devices in the specified replication groups.falseFalse
UnplannedSwitchParameterSpecifies an unplanned test failover.falseFalse
WhatIfSwitchParameterIndicates that the cmdlet is run only to display the changes that would be made and actually no objects are modified.falseFalse

Return Type

VM file paths corresponding to recovered devices. One VM file path for a VM and all its disks together.



-------------------------- Example 1 --------------------------

Start-SpbmReplicationTestFailover -ReplicationGroup $targetRg -CheckOnly

Checks if the target replication group has the correct configuration to perform a test failover.

-------------------------- Example 2 --------------------------

Start-SpbmReplicationTestFailover -ReplicationGroup $targetRg -Unplanned -PointInTimeReplica $replica

Performs a test failover of an unplanned type on the $targetRg target replication group by using the $replica point in time replica.

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