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This cmdlet modifies the HCX Compute Profile.


Set-HCXComputeProfile -ComputeProfile <HCXComputeProfile> [-DVS <HCXApplianceDVS[]>] [-Datastore <HCXApplianceDatastore[]>] [-DeploymentResource <HCXApplianceCompute[]>] [-ManagementNetworkProfile <HCXNetworkProfile>] [-Name <String>] [-Server <HcxServer[]>] [-Service {Interconnect | NetworkExtension | WANOptimization | BulkMigration | DisasterRecovery | Vmotion | RAV | OSAssistedMigration}] [-ServiceCluster <HCXApplianceCompute[]>] [-UplinkNetworkProfile <HCXNetworkProfile[]>] [-vMotionNetworkProfile <HCXNetworkProfile>] [-vSphereReplicationNetworkProfile <HCXNetworkProfile>] [-GuestNetworkProfile <HCXNetworkProfile>] [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

This cmdlet modifies the HCX Compute Profile.


NameTypeDescriptionRequired?Pipeline InputDefault Value
ComputeProfileHCXComputeProfileSpecifies the Compute Profile that you want to modify.trueFalse
DatastoreHCXApplianceDatastore[]Specifies the storage resource for deploying the HCX Interconnect appliances.falseTrue (ByValue)
DeploymentResourceHCXApplianceCompute[]Specifies the compute resource for deploying the HCX Interconnect appliances. This can be a Cluster or a ResourcePool.falseFalse
DVSHCXApplianceDVS[]Specifies the Distributed Virtual Switches (DVS) that you want to use for the HCX Network Extension services.falseTrue (ByValue)
GuestNetworkProfileHCXNetworkProfileSpecifies the Network Profile with a network that has access to the sentinel workloads.falseTrue (ByValue)
ManagementNetworkProfileHCXNetworkProfileSpecifies the network profile by which you can reach the management interface of the vCenter Server system and the ESXi hosts.falseTrue (ByValue)
NameStringSpecifies the name of the HCX Compute Profile.falseFalse
ServerHcxServer[]Specifies the HCX Server systems on which you want to run the cmdlet. If no value is given to this parameter, the command runs on the default servers. For more information about default servers, see the description of the Connect-HCXServer cmdlet.falseFalse
ServiceInterconnectServiceType[]Specifies the services that you want to enable. Licenses must be enabled for the RAV and OSAssistedMigration services to work.falseFalse
ServiceClusterHCXApplianceCompute[]Specifies one or more clusters for which you want to enable the selected HCX services.falseTrue (ByValue)
UplinkNetworkProfileHCXNetworkProfile[]Specifies one or more network profiles in such a way that one of the following is true: 1. The Interconnect appliances on the remote site can be reached by the network. 2. The remote site appliances can reach the local Interconnect appliances by the network.falseTrue (ByValue)
vMotionNetworkProfileHCXNetworkProfileSpecifies the Network Profile for ? vMotion network for the HCX appliances.falseTrue (ByValue)
vSphereReplicationNetworkProfileHCXNetworkProfileSpecifies a Network Profile by which you can reach the vSphere Replication interface of the ESXi hosts.falseTrue (ByValue)

Return Type




-------------------------- Example 1 --------------------------

PS C:\> $myComputeProfile = Get-HCXComputeProfile -Name "myComputeProfile"
Set-HCXComputeProfile -Name "newComputeProfile" -ComputeProfile $myComputeProfile

Modifies the Compute Profile name.

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