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Update LCM cluster rule spec with transform.


Reset-LCMClusterRuleWithTransform -force -noSignatureCheck [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

Resets a Rule according to provided parameters. This API will generate and cache a new PxeProfile (if needed) based on the current desired software specification retrieved from the target location of this rule. All the resulting items will be populated in the Rule.Spec object associated with this Rule. Any existing items in the associated Rule.Spec will be removed as part of the update operation so the resulting Rule.Spec will contain only the relevant items.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input
Force SwitchParameter If passed as true, and rule is non editable a new rule will be created and older rule will be deleted true false
NoSignatureCheck SwitchParameter Indicates if a signature verification of the VIBs to be used for bootstraping should be performed. true false


-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS> Reset-LCMClusterRuleWithTransform -DeployRule NAME_TEST_RULE -Force

Resets a Rule based on the provided parameters. Use -Force option if the Rule is not editable.

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