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Adds script bundle to the Auto Deploy Server.


Add-ScriptBundle [-FileUri] <String> [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

Adds an ScriptBundle to the Auto Deploy Server.
A ScriptBundle is a tgz archive containing arbitrary scripts which will be run after system has finished booting.The scripting language is limited to Busybox ash and Python. There will be no ordering in the run-order of these scripts, The name of the script bundle will be used as the identifier for th e object minus the tgz extension.
A ScriptBundle can be be used as one of the items when creating new rule just as ImageProfile, HostProfiles, Cluster, Folder
You must have the "AutoDeploy.Profile.Edit" privilege on the root folder of vCenter Server to use this cmdlet.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
FileUri String File Uri of the ScriptBundle. The file must be a tgz file. true true(ByValue, ByPropertyName)

Return Type



-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS> Add-ScriptBundle "file:///c:/temp/script-bundle-0.tgz"

Adds the ScriptBundle to the server

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