Fault - DeviceNotSupported(vim.fault.DeviceNotSupported)

Extended by
DeviceBackingNotSupported, DeviceControllerNotSupported, DigestNotSupported, FileBackedPortNotSupported, MultiWriterNotSupported, NonPersistentDisksNotSupported, RawDiskNotSupported, RDMNotSupported, RemoteDeviceNotSupported, SharedBusControllerNotSupported, VirtualDiskModeNotSupported, VirtualEthernetCardNotSupported, VMINotSupported

Fault Description

The virtual machine uses a device type that is not supported on the host.

If this fault is returned as a subfault of DisallowedMigrationDeviceAttached, this indicates that although this device may be supported on the destination host, the hosts do not support the requested migration of the virtual machine while using this device.


Name Type Description

The label of the device.

The specific reason why the device is not supported. Values should come from DeviceNotSupportedReason. This might not be set if we're not sure of the reason, or if this doesn't make sense in the context. For example, in the DisallowedMigrationDeviceAttached context we already know the problem.

Since VI API 2.5
Properties inherited from VirtualHardwareCompatibilityIssue
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faultCause, faultMessage
*May not be present
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