Data Object - DVSConfigSpec(vim.DistributedVirtualSwitch.ConfigSpec)

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DVSCreateSpec, DvsReconfiguredEvent
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DistributedVirtualPortgroup, DistributedVirtualSwitchHostMemberConfigSpec, DistributedVirtualSwitchKeyedOpaqueBlob, DVPortSetting, DVSContactInfo, DvsHostInfrastructureTrafficResource, DVSPolicy, DVSUplinkPortPolicy
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The DVSConfigSpec data object contains configuration data for a DistributedVirtualSwitch. Use the ReconfigureDvs_Task method to apply the configuration to the switch.


Name Type Description

The version string of the configuration that this spec is trying to change. This property is required in reconfiguring a switch and should be set to the same value as configVersion. This property is ignored during switch creation.

Set the human operator contact information.

The default configuration for ports.

The default host proxy switch maximum port number

Since vSphere API 5.1

Set the description string of the switch.

The key of the extension registered by a remote server that controls the switch.

The host member specification. A particular host should have only one entry in this array. Duplicate entries for the same host will raise a fault. The host version should be compatible with the version of DistributedVirtualSwitch. Use QueryDvsCheckCompatibility to check for compatibility.

The host infrastructure traffic resource allocation specification. Only the traffic class resource allocations identified in the list will be updated. The other traffic class resource allocations that are not specified will not change.

Since vSphere API 6.0
maxPorts*xsd:intDeprecated. As of vSphere API 5.0 The default value of this propoerty is maxint and there is no reason for users to change it to a lower value

The maximum number of DistributedVirtualPorts allowed in the switch. If specified in a reconfigure operation, this number cannot be smaller than the number of existing DistributedVirtualPorts.

The name of the switch. Must be unique in the parent folder.

Indicates the Network Resource Control APIs that are supported on the switch. Possible value can be of DistributedVirtualSwitchNetworkResourceControlVersion.

Since vSphere API 6.0

The number of standalone ports in the switch. Standalone ports are ports that do not belong to any portgroup. If set to a number larger than number of existing standalone ports in the switch, new ports get created to meet the number. If set to a number smaller than the number of existing standalone ports, free ports (uplink ports excluded) are deleted to meet the number. If the set number cannot be met by deleting free standalone ports, a fault is raised.

The usage policy of the switch.

IP address for the switch, specified using IPv4 dot notation. IPv6 address is not supported for this property. The utility of this address is defined by other switch features. switchIpAddress would be ignored when IPFIX collector uses IPv6.

Since vSphere API 5.0
to a DistributedVirtualPortgroup[]

The uplink portgroups.

The uplink port policy.

Set the opaque blob that stores vendor specific configuration.
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