You can access the MOB by using a Web browser.


Start a Web browser.


Connect to the MOB by using the fully-qualified domain name (or the IP address) of the ESX/ESXi or vCenter Server system.

The browser prompts you for a user name and password for the host.


Enter the user name and password.

After you enter the user name and password, the host might display warning messages regarding the SSL certificate authority, such as Website Certified by an Unknown Authority. If VMware is the certificate authority, you can disregard such warnings and continue to log in to the MOB.

When you are successfully connect to the MOB, the browser displays the managed object reference for the service (ManagedObjectReference:ServiceInstance), available properties (with values), and methods, as shown in Managed Object Browser.

Managed Object Browser
A screenshot that shows what the MOB looks like in a browser.