The vSphere Client remote plug-in architecture is designed to integrate plug-in functionality into the vSphere Client without the need to run inside vCenter Server. This provides plug-in isolation and enables scale-out of plug-ins that operate in large vSphere environments.

The remote plug-in architecture provides the following benefits to plug-in developers:

Your plug-in is protected from interference by unstable or compromised plug-ins loaded in the same vSphere Client.

Plug-in compatibility is robust across vCenter Server upgrades.

An incompatible plug-in does not interfere with vCenter Server operation.

You can deploy a number of plug-in versions within the same vSphere environment.

Your remote plug-in user interface needs to communicate with only a single back-end server.

The topology of deployed plug-ins is well defined and easy to understand. This aids in the process of troubleshooting a problem with your plug-in.